Total War: Warhammer III marches into battle with a launch trailer


Sega and Creative Assembly have dropped a new trailer to mark today’s launch of Total War: Warhammer III.

The latest entry in the Warhammer flavour of the popular military strategy sim is all about the realm of Chaos. As a dying god opens a portal to the realm, seven factions from both sides of the mortal and daemon divide are fighting for dominance. It’s your job to guide these armies to victory and rule the battlefield.

There’s plenty to pick from, including a brand new Prologue campaign for new players that’ll teach them basic and advanced techniques to lead their chosen faction. This entry is also the videogame debut of the Grand Cathay and Kislev factions. Other new features include the Realm of Chaos campaign, eight player multiplayer, and a customisable Daemon Prince Legendary Lord.

The game’s also got some day one DLC in the form of the Ogre Kingdoms Race Pack. As previously detailed, this pack includes two additional Legendary Lords and is free to anyone who picks up the game in the first week. You can check out the FAQ here for more details on how to claim the DLC.

Total War: Warhammer III is available today on PC and is also available via PC Game Pass (FKA Xbox Game Pass for PC). Check out the game’s launch trailer for yourself down below.

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