Valorant: 5 Sova God Recon Bolt Lineups on Ascent (Defending/Retakes)


Sova is one of the most versatile and valuable Agents in VALORANT. Not only is he the most picked Agent of all time on Ascent, but Sova also has one of the highest pick rates of any map in VALORANT. His entire skillset revolves around gathering information about enemy locations and driving them away from various angles to secure site entry for his team. A good Sova will have a handful of lineups for every map, but a great Sova will have a Recon Bolt ready for any situation.

Valorant: 5 Sova God Recon Bolt Lineups on Ascent (Defending/Retakes)

We have previously discussed Sova’s Recon Bolt lineups for Ascent (Attacking) which you can read about here: 5 Sova Recon Bolt Lineups on Ascent You Should Know (Attacking) I highly suggest you check the article out since lineups featured there can be used in conjunction with the lineups we will be discussing today to complete your ranked game domination.

Today, we will be looking at 5 Sova Recon Bolt lineups for Ascent, but this time it will be for early enemy information, and site retakes.

These are very valuable Recon Bolt lineups that you should add to your arsenal. The more lineups you have as a Sova player, the more value you will be giving your team. Let’s get started!

Ascent: Sova’s Playground

Ascent is where Sova truly shines. The map features tight entryways into Spike Sites, towering walls, and not many elevation changes; these all help with maximizing the effect of Sova’s Recon Bolt. Sova players can come up with hundreds of variations of his Recon Bolt lineups to keep enemies guessing.


As you can see, the entryways where enemies would normally be hanging out are often narrow. Sova players can find various clipping points for their Recon Bolt here. There are an almost infinite amount of Recon Bolt lineups players can come up with on Ascent.

Sova Early Information A-site/B-site/Middle God Arrows

The following Recon Bolt lineups are meant to give your team early information on enemy whereabouts. This is very important for a map like Ascent since your team will most likely split up into a 2-1-2 situation where two players hold B-site, one guy holds middle, and the two other players hold A-site – this is called “default”.

This gives your team early information about where the enemy team is stacking up players and will help your teammates rotate accordingly to the Spike Site that is most likely going to be taken by the Attacking Team.

valonteers1These dudes will never know what hit them.

1. Ascent A Site – God A Main/A Lobby Recon Bolt


This first Sova Recon Bolt on the list reveals most of A-Lobby and A-Main. This Sova Recon Bolt is very easy to line up and also lands very fast. This ensures that even if enemies are aware of where the Recon Bolt is, you will get at least one ping out of this Recon Bolt before the enemies destroy it. This is how you line it up:

  1. Go to this box in A-Site:

2. Position yourself on this corner

3. Look towards this gap here:

4. Place the tip of the right diamond bounce indicator at the bottom corner of this gap. Like this:

image 138

5. No bounce and 2-bar charge:

The Recon Bolt should land on this box here:

And reveal almost everything in A-Main and A-Lobby:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is allmainlobby-706x397.jpg

2. Ascent Middle – God Middle Arrow


This next Sova Recon Bolt is fast and elusive. It hits fast since there is no bounce, and the location the Recon Bolt lands on is barely visible to enemies inside Tiles. This Sova Recon Bolt reveals almost everything in Mid, including Catwalk, Short Cubby, Lower Middle, Tiles, and some of B-Lobby. It is a simple but powerful arrow that can reveal several enemies early in the round. Here’s how you line it up:

  1. Stand anywhere at Pizza:

2. Look for this brown wall:


3. Place your crosshair on this corner:


4. No-Bounce + Max Charge:


5. It should land like this:


It should reveal almost everything in middle:


3. Ascent B-Site – B Main Arrow

This quick Sova Recon Bolt reveals all of B-Main and some of B Lobby. This is a useful Recon Bolt to check if anyone is in B-Main, and especially valuable if you decide to use any high-penetration weapon..

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