Watch Dogs: Legion won’t be receiving any more updates


Watch Dogs Legion No More Updates FeatureTwo years ago on October 29, Ubisoft released Watch Dogs: Legion. It was the sequel of Watch Dogs 2, an open-world, action-adventure game known for its hacking and stealth elements. After two years of active development, the French publisher has announced that Watch Dogs: Legion will not receive any more updates. As of January 22, Ubisoft has officially pulled the plug. In the blog post, Ubisoft explains that “TU 5.6 was our final update,” and “Seasons 3-5 will continue to cycle,” moving forward. No additional seasons or content is in the plans, so players will only be able to earn rewards from previous seasons. Season 5, titled Stripes, launched recently, so players still have content to work through for a short while. Although, once that ends, Legion‘s remaining player base will surely begin to look elsewhere for games to play.   Ubisoft didn’t provide a specific reason as to why it has made the decision. The most likely explanation is that…

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