Wild Rift Chinese New Year Event May Give the Dragon Fist Lee Sin for Free


Data miners have uncovered the official events preview for the Wild Rift China server, which reveals a special event where players can unlock the Dragon Fist Lee Sin skin for free. However, Riot Games is yet to officially confirm whether the Dragon Fist Lee Sin skin will be given for free to players globally or whether it is only an exclusive event for the Wild Rift China server. The events preview also revealed a ton of Chinese New Year themed events and skins that will be arriving on the Wild Rift China server along with the return of the Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode.

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Wild Rift Chinese New Year events preview reveals a free skin for players

According to a translation from the data miner, ChowZ, a limited-time event will arrive on the Wild Rift China server that gives players a free Dragon Fist Lee Sin skin. His translation states that the event will also come to the Wild Rift global servers.

dragon fist lee sin

Dragon Fist Lee Sin Event Preview

However, some viewers from the comments section called him out as he might have mistranslated the statements from the patch preview. According to them, the skin will be released globally but it didn’t state whether it would be given to the other servers for free.

lee sin comment

The Dragon Fist Lee Sin may not be given for free for players globally.

Fans complain about Wild Rift China having more events than other servers

In a separate post, ChowZ revealed a list of the upcoming Chinese New Year events for the Wild Rift China server. A total of eight events will be arriving in the mobile MOBA title soon. The data miner also tagged a Riot Games developer asking for clarification on what events will be arriving in the game.

Wild Rift CN Events, I think global server will have some events @RiotJunosaur can you share more about Wild Rift Global events? Many of us feel confuse between CN & Global event pic.twitter.com/6JeQpfTz39

— Chowz (@ChowZ_Channel) January 21, 2022

Fans expressed their frustrations as to why China gets a lot of special events compared to other servers.


Fans are annoyed by Wild Rift China’s exclusive events.

While Riot Games did confirm that a Chinese New Year event is arriving soon, the publisher did not reveal more information on what players can expect in the upcoming event.

The table is almost Sett, and we’re getting hungry! The Lunar Revel arrives in 2 days. pic.twitter.com/MllI6tQj8C

— League of Legends: Wild Rift (@wildrift) January 24, 2022

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What to expect in the Chinese New Year event in Wild Rift global servers

A new event will be arriving on 26th Jan titled Lunar Banquet alongside a new fighter class champion named Sett. The map will also have a slight makeover to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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The map will be themed around the Chinese new year celebration.

The popular URF mode will also make a comeback during the Chinese New Year event. However, Riot Games is yet to reveal the release date on when the game mode will arrive.

Whether Dragon Fist Lee Sin will be given for free to players outside of China still remains a mystery. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the near future.

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