Aztech Forgotten Gods launches on all formats this March


Aztech Forgotten Gods is described as “the colossus fighter set in a Latine-Futurism cyberstone world” – whatever that is – and is set to to launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store for Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on Thursday March 10th.

The game has you playing as a young girl called Achtli who has been scarred physically and mentally by her fathers death which she believes she accidentally played a part in. It’s left her with one arm and a severe lack of confidence, but rather handily she’s found an ancient artefact that fits over her missing arm and this allows her to fly around and punch things in the face. Hurray!

Here’s some blurb:

Guide Achtli, a cybernetically enhanced warrior, on a quest to save Tenochtitlan, her home and the crown of the Aztec Empire. For centuries, the Aztec people and their city have thrived away from European interference, leading to unprecedented technological advancements. Now, something strange stirs, and the awakening of an unfamiliar enemy threatens the very survival of the Mesoamerican metropolis.

Armed with Lightkeeper, a powerful prosthetic arm powered by a mysterious energy, Achtli must stand tall against fearsome foes. Harness Lightkeeper’s latent abilities to leap into action, delivering shattering blows to gods seeking to wipe out her beloved city. Use Lightkeeper to propel Achtli across Tenochtitlan, zooming past floating buildings, grinding brightly lit railings, and bringing her close to pummel colossi standing in her way before hammering them with rocket-powered strikes.

Engage in action-packed combat blending mobility and precision timing during intense showdowns. Master aerial maneuvers to out-position, flank, and strike critical weaknesses to turn the tide of combat in Achtli’s favor. Embrace the power of Lightkeeper to become a guardian of Tenochtitlan and the Aztec people.

You can find more about the game over on the official website for Aztech Forgotten Gods.

Source: Press release

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