Blood Bowl 3 kicks off its next closed beta today and includes a new team


Blood Bowl 3 Celebrates New August Release Date With A Fake Beer Ad (1)Today, NACON and developer Cyanide announced the next closed beta for the brutal inter-species football game, Blood Bowl 3. The referee has already blown the whistle for the games to begin, so act quickly if you want to get in on the action. You have until February 2 at 3 PM ET to play. If you didn’t register for the Blood Bowl 3 beta last June, then, unfortunately, you’re benched for this one too. Players who did register for the previous closed beta can dive in and try out all the improvements that have been made since then, like an updated user interface and smoother gameplay. Many of the updates you can experience in the latest Blood Bowl 3 closed beta are a result of feedback from players. Cyanide and NACON believe that the game now aligns more closely with the expectations of its fans.   Choose your champs As with the previous closed beta, you will be able to play as two of the new races coming to Blood Bowl 3, the Black Orcs and the Imperial Nobility, as well as an old s…

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