Create Romantic Memories This February in Tears of Themis


Tears of Themis

Global interactive entertainment developer and publisher miHoYo announces that Tears of Themis will release a series of limited-time events in February and bring players to a romantic season of love! Generous rewards await, including all-new MR cards, special Valentine’s Day texts, the event-exclusive “Romantic Chocolate Badge,” as well as S-Chips, Energy Drinks, and Home Deco Vouchers! Enjoy romantic moments to their fullest with the person closest to the heart!

The main story of Tears of Themis takes place in the fictional city of Stellis, where players kick off their legal careers as rookie attorneys and conduct investigations and debates to solve cases and issues. When hidden darkness finally unveils itself, a sinister force that threatens justice and order slowly begins to surface. The four male protagonists with distinct personalities, also known as the members of the NXX Investigation Team, will provide continuous support and assistance throughout this journey. Players’ relationships with them will bloom through close cooperation and mutual trust.

Flowers drift on the gentle breeze and dance to a sweet melody of love. The limited-time event “Love in the Air” will be available from 2022/2/11 11:00 to 2/25 04:00 (UTC+9). It is the best time to express the deepest feelings and convey the affections to a loved one. During the event, players can choose one MR card of the four male leads as the final prize, and play up to a total of four rounds. The choice of reward for around cannot be changed once it has been made. By completing limited-time event missions, players can obtain many rewards, such as Stellin, Home Deco Vouchers, and Queen’s Love Songs, which can be used to exchange for the new “Love in the Air” MR cards: Luke “Companionship,” Artem “Intentions,” Vyn “Promise,” and Marius “Keepsake.”

In addition to romantic moments, the other limited-time event “Love in Flight” will be available from 2/9 12:00 to 2/24 23:59 (UTC+9), and it will bring players a thrilling spark of excitement! As generous and warm-hearted citizens of the city of Stellis, players will be given the chance to help postal workers overwhelmed by love letters! Utilize advanced technology to send love letters to every corner of the country! To play, Attorneys will use the Big Data Lab’s latest intel bird to deliver love letters. Points are earned by flying past buildings and completing letter deliveries, and by collecting gifts and items during flight. The four male leads will also offer different protective effects during the flights. Their protection can only be obtained once per round in a fixed order. For those of dauntless spirit, there will also be a Late Night Challenge Mode after passing Marius’ building. Break beyond limits and unlock unique achievements! Extra HP bars can be gained by sharing the event or inviting friends to assist. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy this event with friends!

A limited-time login bonus event will also be available from 2022/2/9 11:00 to 2/23 04:00 (UTC+9). Log in to the game every day to receive S-Chips, Home Deco Vouchers, the event exclusive “Romantic Chocolate Badge,” and other rich rewards!

Additionally, exclusive Valentine’s Day “Sweet Melody” texts (Luke’s text “Handmade Plushie,” Artem’s text “Reliving the Classics,” Vyn’s text “Homesick,” and Marius’ text “Surprise Dinner”) can be unlocked between 2022/2/14 11:00 and 2/16 23:59 (UTC+9). Remember to log in and read sweet words from the special ones!

miHoYo’s Tears of Themis officially launched on July 29 on both Android and iOS platforms. Game text is available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean, with dubbing available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This game has an age rating of 3+ (all ages) on the Google Play Store (12+ on the Korean Google Play Store), and 12+ on the App Store. 

About miHoYo:

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Founded in Shanghai in 2012, miHoYo dedicates itself to leading the interactive entertainment industry via technologically driven content. It strives for perfection in all of its produced content, which includes games, manga, novels, and more. miHoYo endeavors to bring its vision to all players in the world and create a lasting, supportive community.

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