Death’s Door has broken my tiny brain


deaths door 8 demonic forest spirit

Death’s Door is a great little game. I’ve been meaning to play it properly for a while, ever since I was told that you can slice signposts in half and then when you try and read it there’s only half of the text left. And so what better game, I thought, to test out the new cloud gaming beta on the Xbox this weekend? (In fact, I ended up downloading the game because it streamed fine at like 10am but at peak times it went all pixely, like someone had huffed on my glasses.)

Reader, I bloody love Death’s Door. Like Katharine said, it’s kind of a more gentle Soulslike, with a Studio Ghibli-esque flair to the character design and world. Also, there are fun jokes like a gravedigger being called Steadhone and stuff. But I also hate Death’s Door, because it’s still not an easy game, and I think I ended up playing it improperly this weekend.

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