Destiny 2’s Gambit Mode Gets A Big Overhaul For The Witch Queen Expansion


Destiny 2’s Gambit mode hasn’t been the focus of major updates or overhauls for several seasons now, but it’s about to be thrust back into the spotlight. Season 16 will see the PvPvE mode refreshed with a number of sweeping changes that are designed to make Gambit feel fresh and exciting again, similar to recent work done on the PvP mode Trials of Osiris.

While the groundwork for Gambit’s overhaul has been laid through streamlining of the mode in the Beyond Light expansion, Bungie’s plan is to focus on key areas of its design make certain that every match comes down to the wire when teams race to see who can vanquish a Primeval boss first.

Core activity is the first field that Bungie addressed in a blog update, which boils down to enhancing teamwork and making Gambit easier to understand. A freelance node has been added to ensure that solo players don’t get matched up so often against dedicated teams. New respawn points will get players back into the fight much more quickly, while Invaders will also have new points to spawn into when infiltrating the opposing side’s map.

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