EA Reportedly Blames Halo Infinite For Its Battlefield 2042 Woes

Battlefield 2042

Credit: EA/DICE

According to a report, Electronic Arts has blamed Halo Infinite for its Battlefield 2042 woes. Yikes!

The report is courtesy of Tom Henderson via XFire. The details are reported to be the result of a recent EA meeting call, in which it was suggested that Halo Infinite had some part to play in the poor launch of the latest DICE shooter.

It’s claimed that EA Chief of Studios Officer Laura Miele pinned some of the blame on Halo Infinite. Though to be fair, other factors were also mentioned. Such as bugs, over-ambition, working from home and so forth.

That being said, was Battlefield 2042 really overly ambitious? I mean, for starters the developers didn’t have a single player campaign to worry about, because there wasn’t one. Secondly, previous Battlefield games had better maps and destruction than 2042.

Here’s what the report from Tom Henderson claims:

Following the game’s launch, DICE rolled out its Day 1 and Day 0 patches to get the bug count down further. On this, Miele continued and said that Battlefield 2042’s launch and patches meant “the game was stable” and “the early critical reception was good”. However, according to EA, things took a turn, and that turn was *clears throat*,​ the surprise release of Halo Infinite multiplayer (I wish I was joking).”

“According to Miele, the comparison between both games was not favourable because Halo Infinite was a very polished title whereas Battlefield 2042 contained bugs and wasn’t as polished.

halo infinite

Credit: 343 Industries

So, yeah, it seems that EA is blaming Halo Infinite for being “a very polished title” and Battlefield 2042 was full of “bugs.” It’s not a good look to blame a game for being better than yours. Do you agree with EA blaming the success of Halo Infinite? Surely there’s someone out there, right? Let us know your thoughts across our social media channels.

In my review of Battlefield 2042, I said it: “can have moments of brilliance, but its inconsistency issues make those moments few and far between.”

Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE

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