Feature: Brownies President Talks ‘Egglia Rebirth’ And Working On ‘Mother 3’


“Itoi-san replaced all the placeholder text… and it just completely changed the tone”.

Assembled by a team of former Mana series veterans at Brownies and released on 10th February, Egglia Rebirth is a cracking good RPG on Switch that began life on mobile devices. Egglia, in its initial incarnation, was one of the company’s first projects after Shinichi Kameoka left Brownie Brown — the team that worked on the legendary Mother 3 — when it was restructured and renamed by Nintendo.

We recently had a chance to interview Shinichi Kameoka, President and CEO of Brownies, and quiz him on Egglia Rebirth, its journey to Switch, and his involvement with that ever-elusive GBA title mentioned above…

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