Feature: Switch Hidden Gem ‘In Other Waters’ Is Diving Into The World Of Tabletop RPGs


Like Dungeons and Dragons, but underwater and in space.

In Other Waters is a surprising little gem of a game that came to the Switch back in 2020, telling the story of an alien ocean through little more than a three-colour dashboard, full of knobs and switches. You experience the story, and the world, through the descriptions of biologist Dr Ellery Vas, as you help her pilot an AI exoskeleton into the depths.

The game is made largely by one person: Gareth Damian Martin, a jack-of-all-trades type who’s worked in graphic design, writing, games testing, and game design, as well as earning a PhD in literature. It may come as no surprise, then, that Gareth is spinning off In Other Waters into a tabletop role-playing game, while they’re also working on Citizen Sleeper — a video game inspired by tabletop role-playing games. Talk about crossing the streams, eh?

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