Final Fantasy VII The First Solider hosts a nostalgic collaboration event


The increasingly popular battle royale Final Fantasy VII: The First Solider is hosting a collaboration to honour the 25th anniversary of the original Final Fantasy VII. This anniversary introduces some new mechanics into the gameplay loop alongside a host of new skins, all inspired by the old fashioned polygonal look that the main cast of the original Playstation title Final Fantasy VII sported. The collaboration began on February 16th and will run until the 28th. This event will also introduce new special monsters across the battlefield during whatever mode you queue up for. They will be easily recognized, as they also are in the polygon heavy style that this event calls from. If killed, these special monsters will drop data items that can be exchanged for collab-exclusive items. This data can also be found in secret boxes, or by beating event-specific challenges that will run alongside the event. Some of the items you can exchange this data for include new player profile customization items, a new skin that presents the classic polygonal Cloud in his dress during the Wall Market portion of the original game, a skin of the Shinra Soldiers also presented in the same blocky style, and some new back accessories. … [MORE]

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