Five ways Dying Light 2 Stay Human innovates on Techland’s FPS formula


With February 4 just around the corner, only a few days remain until the release of Dying Light 2 Stay Human on PS4 and PS5. Soon, you’ll get to explore its vast, post-apocalyptic open world and all the challenges within. But before that—let us take you on a tour of the ways Techland’s innovative FPS gameplay will make your journey to The City one to remember.

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Parkour has been one of the main mechanics since the original Dying Light, and Dying Light 2 Stay Human generously builds on it, doubling the amount of parkour moves you’ll be able to learn and master as you progress through the game. There are twenty-four parkour skills to unlock in the parkour skill tree, and each of them will significantly increase both your speed and agility. Some places, however, will need a little bit extra effort to reach, requiring a mix of parkour and paraglider skill.

Combat and Weapons

Dying Light 2 Stay Human constantly encourages creativity throughout every aspect of your journey, and just as you can combine parkour moves with your tools, such as the paraglider, you can also combine them with your combat skills. Not to mention all the different ways you can approach fights—will you be silent and stealthy? Will you attack from a distance with a bow? Or will you go all in and make some noise? The choice is yours. Add to it a large variety of weapons, mods, and upgrades, and you can be sure that each encounter will be unique.

Look for the Craftmaster in the main HUBs, facilities, and settlements to modify and upgrade your weapons and blueprints. Accessories are also upgradable, including your molotov, throwing knives, or decoys. Want to get the most mileage out of your consumables? You can also improve lockpicks, medicines, and boosters. Your suite of Nightrunner tools can also be enhanced, including the paraglider, grappling hook, and your UV flashlight.

Day and Night Activities

The day and night cycle, well-known from Dying Light, comes to Dying Light 2 Stay Human in an even richer form. The general rules during the day are similar—monsters hide in the buildings, and the main source of danger in the streets are bandits. At night, however, things get a little bit different. There are two completely new activities you can stumble upon while roaming The City after sunset—Night Chases and the GRE Anomalies.

As soon as you get spotted by a Howler, he will alarm other Infected in the vicinity, and a night chase begins. To survive, you must stay on top of your game, especially if Virals enter the chase. These monsters are faster and much more agile, and they can even climb onto the roofs to follow you, so be careful. The longer you’re chased, the more dangerous creatures will join, until you’re faced with the ultimate challenge—Volatiles. Your only chance to escape? Hightail it to a safe zone and hide under a UV lamp.

The GRE Anomalies are special areas corrupted by the Revenants, powerful monsters who can reanimate the dead around them. Their lairs are extremely dangerous, but you’ll only find them there at night. If you’re planning to take one on, make sure you prepare carefully for a tough fight. Should you manage to emerge victorious, however, you’ll be able to loot some inhibitors. Is the risk worth the prize? You’ll decide for yourself.

The City

Vast, vertical, alive—The City is one of the last bastions of humanity, and even though civilization has fallen back to the Dark Ages, its relics are still to be found all around the streets. Murals, old letters, notes, or even audio recordings will constantly remind you about The City’s past. Now, people are trying to regain their routine, find themselves in this new world set between the modern and the medieval, bringing elements of both eras together. But The City keeps changing, and you’ll play a crucial role in shaping its landscape.

One of the ways to do it is with the Abandoned Structures—old, deserted buildings, waiting for you to restore them and decide which faction you want to hand them to. Depending on whether you assign an area to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors, your choice will be reflected in the Abandoned Structures’ appearance, the NPCs you’ll meet inside, and the quests available for you there. Embark on multiple playthroughs to discover all of The City’s secrets and challenges. There’s always more to find.

Choices and Consequences

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, your choices and actions shape the world of the game, its story, relationships between the characters, and even the landscape of The City. As Aiden, you’ll be trying to fulfill your own agenda, but you’ll also be given opportunities to help those around you and influence their future. Who you align with, who you trust, who you help—all these decisions will change the world of the game.

Curious to see how alternative actions and decisions shape The City differently? Drop into a friend’s game in co-op to see how their world differs from yours. You can even share your opinion when it comes time to make big choices, though the final call will always be theirs. Of course, you can invite friends to your world to do the same.

These are just a few exciting examples of big shakeups to the first-person action of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Ready up and dive in when it launches on PS4 and PS5 on February 4.

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