Genshin Impact’s New Fleeting Colors Event: Get A Free Liyue 4-Star Character


Genshin Impact’s new event, Fleeting Colors in Flight, is now live as of January 25. This update has players back in Liuye–following the last update’s very impressive tromp through the eerie Enkanomiya–to prepare for the annual Lantern Rite Festival.

The new event “Fleeting Colors in Flight” is about to begin!
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— Genshin Impact (@GenshinImpact) January 24, 2022

There are four activities with different gameplay: Flameplume Starflowers, The Great Gathering, Wondrous Shadows, and Oceanic Defender. In Flameplume, players are tasked with creating fireworks through smelting. In the Great Gathering, like the name implies, players go to Guyun Islands in order to beat up Treasure Hunters and gather materials. Wondrous Shadows is a puzzle event featuring … you guessed it, shadows. In Ocean Defender, players defeat monsters under varying challenge conditions.

Like the usual event rewards, all events will give out Primogems, EXP books, materials, and more. But in a more unique twist to rewards: Successful completion of The Stars Inscribe the Year’s Wishes quest will get you a free Liyue 4-star character of your choosing. That’s eight characters to select from, including the newest Geo opera singer, Yunjin.

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