Horizon Forbidden West Is Getting Review Bombed on PS5, PS4 for No Reason


0/10, apparently.

It wouldn’t be a major video game release without gamers exhibiting embarrassing behaviour. Horizon Forbidden West has been quietly racking up disproportionately negative reviews on Metacritic overnight, and while it’s still holding a steady overall user score, the string of 0/10s are obviously beginning to look disingenuous. Many of you may recall The Last of Us: Part 2, amid an eye-rolling social media scandal, falling to a similar fate.

Of course, there’s no targeted campaign against Aloy’s sophomore outing this time – it’s just people being silly. “Probably the biggest disappointment in a while,” one user wrote of the 80 or so hour game, less than 24 hours after its release. “I had very high expectations. The story is bland and unimaginative, the gameplay is very boring. Even the lauded graphics are underwhelming. Really dropped the ball here.”

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