Horizon Forbidden West Showcases Base PS4 Footage in Brief Gameplay Clip


Based on everything that we’ve seen of Horizon Forbidden West so far, there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that it’s going to be a visual and technical showcase. The vast majority of what we’ve seen has, however, been PS5 footage- though developer Guerrilla Games has been offering glimpses of the game’s last-gen version as well.

After having previously shown screenshots of the game on a PS4, followed more recently by some clips of it running on a PS4 Pro, the developer has now provided another brief taste. Guerrilla has shared a very brief clip (at just over 20 seconds long) that shows Horizon Forbidden West running on a base PS4. There are some hits to fidelity from the PS4 Pro and PS5 versions, as you’d expect, but in this short clip, the game is still looking gorgeous. Hopefully it maintains that across the entirety of the experience.

Horizon Forbidden West is launching for PS5 and PS4 on February 18.

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