How to build the best Call of Duty: Vanguard Whitley class


Vanguard Whitley ClassCall of Duty: Vanguard Season Two has arrived and brought a plethora of new content across multiplayer and zombies modes. There’s also new maps, operators, zombies wonder weapons and more. As always, new weapons are available to unlock. You may have already started levelling up the KG M40 assault rifle after reaching Tier 15 of the battle pass. Once you reach Tier 31, you will be able to access the Whitley light machine gun. With the best attachments equipped, you can build a Whitley class that shows off its potential in your next Vanguard match. The Whitley already wields a respectable amount of accuracy and ammunition to its name. As it thrives at long range, it’s suited to some multiplayer maps more than others. You may find success on maps such as Red Star, Oasis, or even Gondola, the new map introduced in Season Two. This class focuses on making the fire power and accuracy better, so it can compete with other guns in the light machine gun category.   Call of Du…

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