How To Craft An Ender Chest in Minecraft


When gathering resources in Minecraft, a player’s inventory can often fill up rather quickly. Unfortunately, regular chests can’t be brought with you unless you break them down. But that would also drop all the chest’s items unless there was a way to make a mobile chest. Here is how to craft an ender chest in Minecraft.

How To Craft An Ender Chest in Minecraft

The ender chest is a unique chest in Minecraft that allows players to store items from anywhere in the world, including in each dimension. Two or more ender chests have the ability to interconnect with each other in all three dimensions in Minecraft—whether it is in the overworld, Nether, or the End. So when you place down an ender chest inside your base and carry another ender chest with you when you travel, the chest in your base will connect with the one you are carrying, and you can now place anything inside without the risk of losing all of your items. The items you place inside the ender chest will transport to your base, and you can access everything inside by placing down another ender chest from anywhere in the world. If it sounds very convenient, that’s because it truly is. However, the downside is that the materials needed to craft the ender chest aren’t easily accessible to players, especially in the early stages of the survival mode. But if you truly want to grab yourself a convenient mobile chest to aid you in all your adventures in Minecraft, this guide will show you exactly what to gather and how to craft an ender chest.

Materials Required To Craft An Ender Chest

Here are the two materials needed to craft one ender chest in Minecraft:

  • 8 Obsidian blocks: can be obtained through mining, looting chests, or bartering with piglins.
  • 1 Eye of Ender: can only be obtained through crafting a blaze powder and an ender pearl together.

How To Get Obsidian

To obtain obsidian, you will need to locate a lava source and pour water over it. Here are a few things you will need to mine obsidian:

  • Pickaxe: You can only mine obsidian using a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Using a lower type pickaxe to mine obsidian will destroy the block in the process and drop nothing.
  • Water Bucket: Use an empty bucket on water to get a water bucket. You will need the water bucket to pour water over lava to create obsidian.
1 63

There are, however, a few things you should know first when it comes to lava. Upon mixing with water, lava may form into three different kinds of blocks: obsidian, stone, and cobblestone. When flowing lava combines with water horizontally, it creates cobblestone. When flowing lava combines with water vertically, it creates stone. But when a lava source combines with water, obsidian will form. Hence, this is how we will acquire obsidian.

  1. Once you have the pickaxe and water bucket ready, start searching for a lava source. Lava can usually be found in the lower depths of the overworld. Some lava lakes may also generate randomly in different biomes.
    1 64
  2. When you’ve located a lava source, use the water bucket and pour it over the lava. This will turn the lava into obsidian.
    1 65
  3. Use a diamond or netherite pickaxe to mine the obsidian. You will need to obtain 8 obsidian blocks in order to craft the Ender chest.
    1 66

How To Craft An Eye Of Ender

The eye of ender is an item in Minecraft that is used as a crafting ingredient and to teleport. It is only obtainable through crafting. You will need these items to craft one eye of ender:

  • 1 Ender Pearl: Dropped by endermen.
  • 1 Blaze Powder: Crafted from blaze rod.
1 68

Ender Pearl

1 19

The ender pearl is a blue circular item that is dropped by endermen. When killed, endermen have a 50% chance to drop one ender pearl. Endermen often spawn in groups of 2 in the overworld when the light level is seven or less. They can also spawn in warped forest biomes inside the Nether. Other than endermen, ender pearls may also be obtained through trading. Expert-level cleric villagers may sell ender pearls in exchange for five emeralds, and piglins can barter ender pearls in exchange for gold ingots.

Blaze Powder

1 20

The blaze powder is an item used for brewing potions and crafting eyes of ender. It is an item that can only be obtained from crafting a blaze rod on a crafting table. Blaze rods are obtained as loot from blazes, who drop them 50% of the time when killed. Unfortunately, blazes only spawn in nether fortresses inside the Nether. So players must locate a nether fortress first before focusing on farming blaze rods.

Crafting The Eye of Ender

When you have acquired one blaze powder and one ender pearl, use the crafting table to craft them both into an eye of ender. To craft the eye of ender, place the ender pearl in the middle of the crafting grid and place the blaze powder next to it. As long as the blaze powder is next to the ender pearl, you may interchange the item’s position and pattern in the 3×3 crafting grid.

1 69

How To Craft An Ender Chest in Minecraft

Once you have eight blocks of obsidian and one eye of ender, you can now craft yourself an ender chest. Here is a step by step process on how to craft the ender chest:

  1. Open the crafting grid by right-clicking on the crafting table.
    1 71
  2. Place the obsidian blocks around the crafting grid similar to a square pattern. Avoid placing an obsidian block in the middle.
    1 72
  3. Next, place the eye of ender at the center of the crafting grid.
    1 73
  4. Drag the ender chest into your inventory.
    1 74

Once you’ve placed the ender chest in your inventory, you can now use it. Simply place it on the ground and right-click on it to open. You must craft at least two or more ender chests to fully utilize its unique ability. You may place one ender chest in your base and carry another one in your inventory to easily access all your items inside your base from anywhere in the overworld, the Nether, and in the End.

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