How to square up to Lost Ark’s combat


How to square up to Lost Ark’s combat

Amazon Games’ newest action MMORPG, Lost Ark, features an array of exciting combat options and a complex class system that gives way to many specialities and unique abilities. Many of the challenges you’ll face on your journey through Arkesia will rely on your ability to wield these skills, so we’re taking a quick look at how to maximise your combat potential early on in the game.

There’s plenty to do in Lost Ark – from collecting pets to taking down enormous demons – but combat is something you’ll want to have a handle on pretty early on, as it shapes your entire experience and progression through the game. You’ll find yourself slashing through plenty of dungeons in the main quest, but even side stories can have their own battles to overcome.

Combat can also reward you handsomely for your skills, with loot drops and gear upgrades available following the demise of most bosses. Here, we take a quick look at combat from all the main angles, and give you a few tips to keep your edge.

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