I can’t get enough of Deathloop’s alternate reality arcade cabinets


deathloop arcade cabinets games

Much to my great shame, I never got round to playing Deathloop at the end of last year. Ironically for a game about a never-ending timeloop, I just never had enough minutes to fit it into my schedule. But! I have been rectifying that this week, and cor, it’s a bit good, isn’t it? I’m particularly enjoying just letting rip with its big chunky guns when I mess up trying to be all sneaky-like. In my painstaking attempt to do a completely clean, blood-free ghost run in Dishonored 2 all those years ago, I’d sort of forgotten just how powerfully satisfying Arkane Lyon’s eye for action really is, and I’ve been having a lot of fun rediscovering this as I beast my way around Blackreef’s four main locations.

As you’d expect from an Arkane game, each one of these maps is absolutely huge, full of nooks and crannies and secret passageways just itching to be exploited as you try and take down all of its slightly mad Eternalist cult leaders in a single cycle. But the thing I’ve been most intrigued by in Deathloop so far isn’t its weird cubby holes or how maps change over time. It’s all those huffing great arcade cabinets littered about the place. And some of them look very familiar indeed…

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