Infinix INBook X2 Review – A Pocket Rocket?


Here at Gamezebo we cover PC and Desktop titles from time to time – so it’s only fair we cover a device we can play these games from time to time too.

So here’s the Infinix INBook X2, coming hot on the heels of the X1. It’s a budget midrange laptop, and an impressive one at that.

Using a metal alloy for its shell, it’s both smaller and lighter than its previous iteration without feeling cheap or as a significant downgrade.

The keyboard has a backlight with the keys avoiding feeling overly plasticky or cheap. Mouse control is responsive enough too, with the click-pad buttons offering satisfying feedback.

There are USB-A, HDMI, and a pair of USB-C ports – as well as an integrated Micro SD card reader. The USB-A port is upside down on the left side of the unit though, which is more than a little bizarre. 

The webcam clarity has improved from the previous model, with two front-facing white LEDs helping in this regard – they’re arguably too bright in fact.

  • inbook st5876
  • inbook st5886
  • inbook st5851
  • inbook st5860
  • inbook st5817
  • inbook st5823
  • inbook4266
  • inbook4302

In terms of the screen it offers an equal level of brightness, but has good contrast and color reproduction levels. When playing games we found it did well with the level of detail in the more graphically intensive titles (such as The Witcher 3 and Crysis 3) crisp and clear. More fast moving titles there was a little ghosting evident however, yet frame rates remained steady.

When playing more complex titles the fan noise from the unit is noticeable though – although it’s more of a high pitched whining rather than a drone. Which we find preferable in all honesty.

We were impressed by INBook X2 when it came to power. It comes with a small 45W AC adapter with this charging the unit in one hour and 45 minutes – and lasts for a maximum of 6.5 hours from the 50 Wh battery. Only the left side port charges the laptop though, which is a bit befuddling.

Ultimately we found the INBook X2 to be an impressive laptop for the price, and managed to play a range of games – both hardcore and more casual titles – very well.

The unit itself is slick and well-made if you’re looking for a middle-weight laptop, and improves on the first iteration InBook in many of the areas that count. If you’re looking for a mid-range laptop to play a range of games comfortably we think this is a very safe bet.

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