JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind 3 Focuses on Narancia and Abbacchio


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind 3 Showcases Characters Narancia and Abbacchio

The structure of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind is such that the early volumes give Giorno Giovanna and his allies a chance to establish themselves, and volume 3 of the manga is no different. Given the current situation, which involves Team Bucciarati protecting an important person, it provides more opportunities to showcase folks. In particular, the Golden Wind characters Narancia Ghirga and Leone Abbachio are highlighted. It gives a chance to see how two folks who might not have featured as prominently early on stand out. While both are notable and valuable members, sometimes they haven’t stood out as much as Giorno and Bruno until now

Narancia Ghirga is the more vocal of the two Golden Wind characters, which might make him the more recognizable of the two. Prior to this point in the series, there were certain hallmarks associated with him. He’s one of the younger members. That youthfulness comes through in his interactions. I mean, he is the first member of the crew to start dancing the iconic scene. But JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure as a whole constantly shows Stand users’ strengths. Golden Wind especially so, given its mafia setting.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind 3 Showcases Narancia and AbbacchioWhich means the first half of Golden Wind volume 3 is about Narancia impressing us. Li’l Bomber is a small plane. While he’s going through his challenge, he’s forced to fight alone. He’s in a tight spot. But repeatedly, with both Li’l Bomber and without, he shows his problem-solving capabilities. He proves more observant and prepared than someone might expect. From stowing away a weapon to save for later, to considering the right target to attack, he shows an unexpected thoughtfulness. It is especially impressive given when we first meet him at the beginning of Golden Wind, we see him learning from Fugo and attempting to better himself due to not being as “book” smart as the other.

As for Leone Abbacchio, Golden Wind so far presented him as an intelligent person, but perhaps not the most agreeable one. His loyalty to Bruno seems clear. We’ve seen him stand beside and fight to protect him and the crew against pursuers in the second volume of the manga. Moody Jazz appeared before. We know what it is capable of doing. But in this third volume, we get an even better idea of who Abbacchio is and what he’s willing to do.

Throughout the second half of volume 3 of Golden Wind, we see many sides of Abbacchio. We get to better understand what he’s willing to do for the sake of the mission. This can mean hostility toward allies or drastic sacrifices. We see him use Moody Jazz freely, even though there was hesitance about showing it in a past volume. Most importantly, we learn his backstory. His past directly influences his present, and we see how it’s shaped his actions and Stand.

All of this means that Hirohiko Araki’s character development and pacing is still spot on as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind continues. The focus helps in many ways. It shows exactly why Narancia Ghirga and Leone Abbacchio belong on Bucciarati’s team in Golden Wind. We get to see how deadly the people around Giorno and his crew are. There are also the reminders that no Stand or Stand user should ever be underestimated.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind volume 3 is available now through Viz Media. The anime is streaming via Netflix.

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