Kingdom Hearts 3 Tote Bag Will Have Sora and Mickey Dolls


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Square Enix will release a tote bag for Kingdom Hearts 3, featuring plushes of Sora and King Mickey on it. Pre-orders are already open. The bag costs 11,000 JPY at the Japanese store and $99.99 at the North American one. It has a release window of June 2022 for Japan and October 2022 for North America. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

For those who think the two plushes are too big or worry about them getting dirty, you can remove them from the Kingdom Hearts 3 tote bag. You can also swap them around if you have a certain preference. In addition, the loops used to hang the dolls can double as a place for you to hang items such as water bottles.

The outside of the bag has a variety of familiar Kingdom Hearts symbols, and there is a faint heart pattern on the inside. Here are some more pictures of the tote bag:

Other new pieces of Kingdom Hearts merchandise from the Square Enix e-Store include suitcases of the five main Keyblade wielders. Each trunk case costs $549.99 and will come out in September 2022. However, these trunks are slightly larger than some airlines’ carry-on size requirements. So those who wish to travel with them may need to check their airline in advance.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 tote bag is available to pre-order from the Square Enix e-Store. It will come out in June 2022 for Japanese customers and October 2022 for North American ones.

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