Lost Ark Pirate Coins: How To Get Them And What To Use Them For


Lost Ark is filled with a dizzying amount of systems and currencies to wrap your head around, among them Pirate Coins. It’s just one of Lost Ark’s many currencies, and unlike the more up-front currencies like gold or silver, it’s not entirely clear how to earn more Pirate Coins or what you should even be using them for.

Like many things in Lost Ark, figuring out how to earn Pirate Coins can feel obtuse until you do a little digging. The coins aren’t all that difficult to earn once you know how, but it’s more difficult to track down what exactly you should be spending them on. This guide will break down what, exactly, you should be spending your Pirate Coins on, as well as the best ways to earn Pirate Coins as you adventure through Arkesia.

What Pirate Coins Are Used For

Pirate Coins are primarily used to purchase upgrade materials and recruit crew mates for your ship from various merchants found on Arkesia’s seas, making it easier to navigate the world. The better upgrades you have, the easier it will be to sail the high seas without needing to worry about something going wrong. While you will unlock a variety of ships over the course of your adventure, the starter ship, the Estoque, is more than enough to carry you through the entire game. Focus on upgrading it to around level 5 before dedicating resources to the other ships in your collection.

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