Mini Review: Raging Blasters – Another Fantastic Shmup We’d Love To See In The West


Compile killer.

It’s just as well one can never have too many shoot-’em-ups, because, no bones about it, Raging Blasters is absolutely fantastic. A Japan-only release on Switch (though available on Steam) that’s magically entirely in English from top to bottom, this is the kind of indie-gaming labour of love that deserves a great lungful of hilltop-screaming. Breakneck paced with rarely any let-up, Raging Blasters is a love letter to Compile shmups that borrows heavily from the likes of Zanac.

Its presentation is superb, from the character designs to the beautifully colourful graphics and racing parallax. There’s a nice weight to the various craft and explosions, complimented by crackling sound effects. While the rolling backgrounds are simple in theme and very reminiscent of Zanac Neo’s opening stage (PS1), their deep-space tech elements are nonetheless rendered with attractive artistic heft and lovely colour casting.

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