New Elden Ring Screenshots Tease Portal Transversal and Weirdly Adorable Enemies


Freshly released Elden Ring screenshots have hit the Twittersphere courtesy of Bandai Namco and From Software. Prominently featured in one is what appears to be some kind of transversal portal and in the other, a not-so-menacing-looking potential enemy type. Looks, of course, can be deceiving.

With the hotly anticipated game releasing next Friday, February 25, players are chomping at the bit for these teases as a prelude to their upcoming addiction. Luckily, FromSoftware keeps them coming via the game’s official Twitter.

Elden Ring screenshots accompanied by teasing caption

Posted with the screenshots, FromSoftware writes, “Paths weave through the Lands Between as thread through a tapestry, yet fear not, Tarnished. There are many roads to truth.”

Elden Ring Portal

[Photo Credit: FromSoftware via Twitter]

While the blue-ish purple portal on display in this first screenshot seems small, that could just be a matter of perspective and scale with the hand reaching towards it. FromSoftware’s caption seems to tease this as a transversal portal—a path through these Lands Between. However, “many roads to truth” could also suggest a looking-glass, of sorts, perhaps for upgrades, or a puzzle system for unlocking new pathways. More interesting are the star-like specs visible in the swirl of the portal, playing to the game’s lore of the Elden Ring as a wielder of stars.

Elden Ring Enemy Type

[Photo Credit: FromSoftware via Twitter]

In this second screenshot, an enemy type appears to be teased—and he’s kind of adorable? Not the least bit menacing looking, but these can prove to be dangerous assumptions for travelers of dangerous lands. With the number of this same enemy type shown in the screenshot, these could the kind of enemy that overwhelms in large numbers. Making their unintimidating visage of little note when being stabbed to death by adorable soulless-eyed death-dealers with Scimitars.

As for the locational aspect of the second screenshot, the world looks to be what’s expected—a gothic, dreary, unforgiving, and devastatingly beautiful place to spend 30 hours of gameplay time in.

In other news, it’s rumored that a Bloodborne 2 remake is not being developed by FromSoftware, and Avalanche Studios might be developing Mad Max 2.

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