New PS5 Beta Firmware Pins PS Plus Icon to the Start of the Home Screen


Placed before PS Store and Explore page.

The latest PlayStation 5 beta firmware has begun rolling out to those lucky enough to be sent a code from Sony, and one change the update makes to the console is pinning the PS Plus icon to the very start of the home screen. Prior to the firmware update, the icon would move down the line in the same fashion as PS5, PS4 games. Now it’s always pinned at the front for easy access before the PS Store icon and the Explore page if you’re using a US account.

Essentially, you won’t have to go searching for the icon anymore in order to easily access your monthly PS Plus titles or the PS Plus Collection, as well as any discounts exclusive to the service. Some fans seem to speculate this could have something to do with the rumoured Spartacus service — including Twitter user @ErFanManavi who shared the image above — but we think that’s a bit of a stretch.

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