New roguelite Samurai Bringer out Spring 2022 on Switch, PC, PS4


From indie developer Alpha Wing and publisher Playism, Samurai Bringer is the newest announced action-styled roguelite coming out! Projected to release in Spring 2022, you can expect to find the game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch.

Revealed to the world at Playism’s Game Show 2022 live stream event, Samurai Bringer is an action-driven roguelite. Samurai Bringer‘s unique “low-fi” voxel-style graphics with modern lighting and shading breathes life into the environments, enemies, and character. Check out the trailer below:

To give you some background on Samurai Bringer, players will play as the deity Susanoo. He’s on a quest to rescue his spouse from Yamata-no-Orochi, the eight-headed snake. However, he becomes stripped of his powers before fulfilling his quest. He then undergoes a plethora of tested gauntlets from his sister Amaterasu to regain his abilities and slay his adversary.

Players will traverse various stage layouts that change each run as most rouge-styled games. The twist is you’ll unlock fighting styles, weapons, and armor as you progressively defeat over 100 warlords for upcoming runs. Several warlords are famous Japanese samurai like Oda Nobunaga and Date Masamune. And over time, you’ll retain past loadouts and techniques through each death.

Samurai Bringer in-gameSamurai Bringer in-game

Step by step, players will regain Susanoo’s true power and will be able to face the eight-headed snake at the end of Samurai Bringer. As a fan of roguelites and Japanese history/mythologies, I’m excited to see what Alpha Wing cooked up in Spring 2022. 

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