ONIC PH’s Official YouTube Channel Got Hacked


The runner-up of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 8, ONIC PH may have had its official YouTube channel hacked. While the YouTube channel is still named “onic.ph” two suspicious videos have been uploaded for a free voice changing mod and a video editing software. ONIC PH is yet to release an official statement regarding this issue. This is also not the first time a Mobile Legends YouTube account has been hacked. Popular streamers and influencers such as Akosi Dogie, Chix, Inspi Gaming, and even the official Mobile Legends YouTube channel have been hacked before, where all of their uploaded videos were removed and replaced with cryptocurrency scam videos.

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ONIC PH’s YouTube channel uploaded two videos unrelated to Mobile Legends esports

The official YouTube channel of ONIC PH uploaded two suspicious videos on 11th Feb. These two videos were about how to download pirated software for free such as voice changing mods and the video editing software, Sony Vegas.

onic content

ONIC PH is yet to remove these videos and at the time of writing this article the videos still seem to be viewable. The videos are filled with comments that are most likely spam. A few fans commented on the videos, asking if they were uploaded by mistake or not. The esports organization is yet to post an official statement regarding this matter.

onic question

Comments Section from the Videos

YouTube Channel Hacking Issues

Similar to ONIC PH’s incident, the official YouTube channel of Mobile Legends was also hacked back on 26th May 2021. The channel’s name was changed to “[ETH] Foundation” and started uploading videos related to cryptocurrencies.

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Mobile Legends Official Youtube Channel with its name changed

At the time of the issue, Moonton posted an official statement, warning players that some fraudulent groups are claiming to be the official Mobile Legends page. The issue was quickly solved and the cryptocurrency videos were removed.

After a period of six months, ONIC PH has started uploading videos back on to its YouTube channel. Considering that the organization is now back to uploading videos, it won’t be long before the suspicious videos are removed.

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