Rainbow Six Extraction event adds new gear, fan favourite Operator


Rainbow Six Extraction has kicked off its first limited time event, introducing a fan favourite Operator.

The trailer above shows off some of the new content available from today though doesn’t explicitly say what the Spillover is. Squads will group up to take on a new Archaean threat, deploying cannisters that will draw waves of enemies out from hiding and directly into their firing line.

Rainbow Six Extraction is also adding its first new playable post-launch Operator, Zofia. She’s been a long-time popular pick in Rainbow Six Siege, ready to test her unique grenade launcher gadget on non-human targets. Like all original Operators, Zofia will have her own array of cosmetics.

Ubisoft is rewarding players who log in during this first event with a new piece of REACT tech. Drop into the game and you’ll unlock an automatic turret that can be deployed during incursions, spraying income enemies with bullets. It’s unclear whether this will disappear after the Spillover event – there’s a chance it might, though it will likely come into rotation again further down the line.

Finally, the new event comes tagged with a wider selection of headgear, uniforms, and weapon skins to dress up your Operators.

If you’re more of a Siege fan then good news. We’re about to get the lowdown on Year 7 – find out more here.

In our Rainbow Six Extraction review we scored the game a solid 7 out of 10:

“It’s perhaps not what Tom Clancy fans had envisioned for the series, but there’s something to Rainbow Six Extraction that’s definitely worth checking out. It stands apart from similar co-op shooters thanks to that tactical edge and gunplay it’s inherited from Siege. That said, the repetitive nature of running missions, difficulty spikes, and overall presentation hold the game back. This is Ubisoft we’re talking about, however, so Extraction will likely sprout a long tail that will continue to grow over the coming months and years.”

Source: Press Release

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