Retro’s new Metroid Twitter banner reignites Prime 4 rumors


Retro Studios, developers of Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns, recently updated its Twitter banner. That wouldn’t be newsworthy in and of itself, except the subject of the banner has fueled speculation among fans. The art depicts Samus Aran standing in a hallway bathed in blue — perhaps an indication that Metroid Prime 4 news is on the way.

It’s been five years since the game was announced (if you needed that reminder). Beyond the initial logo reveal and an update that that game was restarting development, Nintendo has given us such meager information on it. Fans eagerly awaiting any news on Metroid Prime 4 are jumping on this new Twitter banner as a sign that we’ll hear more on it soon.

Considering how well Metroid Dread has been selling, it’s clear that the series still has legs. If this new Twitter banner means that Metroid Prime 4 news is inbound, we might be in the initial days of a new prosperous era for Metroid.

Retro Studios Metroid Twitter Banner FullWhat could Retro’s new Metroid Twitter banner mean?

Retro Studios is well-known for developing the Metroid Prime series, which hasn’t seen a new entry since 2007. Its new Twitter banner has fueled rumors that Metroid Prime 4 will be revealed soon. With no definitive confirmation from Retro or Nintendo on this, however, we can only speculate.

Metroid Prime 4 was first announced in 2017, then under development without the involvement of Retro Studios. However, in 2019, Nintendo revealed that development wasn’t going as planned and had restarted with Retro taking the helm again. Since then, we’ve had no direct news about the title aside from the company’s various job listings. This image might be confirmation that a big Prime 4 announcement is imminent.

Or, of course, it might just be a new image that doesn’t mean anything. With news like this, it’s important not to fall too much into speculation, especially since it’s nothing concrete. Metroid fans understand this all too well, and while it would be amazing for this and Metroid Dread to be the herald of a renaissance for the series, we shouldn’t hold our breath.

Metroid Dread Key Art

What do you think Retro Studios’ new Metroid Twitter banner means? Are you hopeful that we’ll see some Metroid Prime 4 news this year? Let us know!

Via IGN.

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