Super Dungeon Maker, Super Mario Maker with a Zelda Twist Launched on Early Access

Super Dungeon Maker, Super Mario Maker with a Zelda Twist Launched on Early Access

Who knows if Nintendo will ever make a Super Mario Maker game for The Legend of Zelda series so developer, FIRECHICK said “fine I’ll do it myself” with Super Dungeon Maker currently out on PC through Steam early access.

While the Nintendo Switch remake of Link’s Awakening featured a basic custom dungeon builder, Super Dungeon Maker is set to go all in and beyond on the concept. Now for legal reasons, the game won’t feature the series iconic characters like Zelda, Link, Ganon and the world that Hyrule exists.

However, you do get to play as a Fink, a plucky yet heroic yellow chicken with a sword that has all the skills Link is known for like cutting up grass, throwing clay pots, dodge rolling and more. If the chicken hero of our time doesn’t sell you, the game’s Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past pixel 2D art style and creating dungeons from scratch will.

After finishing the Zelda-like maker’s intro level new players in Super Dungeon Maker‘s vast (and growing) creator community can use their imagination and dive into the game’s tools to create a near-infinite of dungeons possibilities. Creative players can use countless combinations of tricky rooms, sneaky traps, vicious enemies, and chicken-hungry bosses at their disposal. After your dungeon is completed, players can send it out into the world for other players to challenge themselves.

Like Super Mario Maker, The Legend of Zelda twist of Super Dungeon Maker is made for both types of players, those who want to create and those who want to challenge themselves. While the game doesn’t technically have a single player campaign like other Zelda games, the game’s current and future creator levels from the community might give players incentive to come back with more features coming as development continues. A couple of the game’s current features are listed below.

  • DM Extraordinaire – In the dungeon, your creative prowess is limitless; place as many enemies, floors, secret paths, perilous traps, special items, and hidden objects as your heart desires. Just remember: the reward makes it worthwhile, but the challenge is what keeps them coming back.
  • A Dungeon of Pure Imagination – With so many ways to customize dungeons, there’s no telling where you’ll get swept off to. Careful dungeon design means not only well-placed traps and enemies, but enchanting environments, too! Choose between dungeon biomes like forest, desert, and castle — or even complex combinations of them all.
  • Accessible Adventuring – Unlike other level editors and sandbox games with significant learning curves, Super Dungeon Maker is optimized for both controller and mouse + keyboard play, making it easy for anyone of any skill level to jump in and start creating. Its simplistic UI and easy-to-learn instructions make Super Dungeon Maker an easy choice for fledgling creators and pro designers alike.
  • Dungeons Anonymous: Once you’ve unleashed your deadly dungeons upon the world, it’s advised to collect feedback from your victims…erm…players…in order to perfect them and keep them of the highest quality. Earn a reputation and keep adventurers coming back to your divine creations.

Super Dungeon Maker launched on Steam through early access on February 15th, so it’s a little too soon to say when the game’s full version will release, but the game is also coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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