Twistzz Reveals How EliGE Was Toxic Towards Others in Liquid and How He Changed


The talented Canadian rifler, Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken, made waves in early 2021 when he left the North American scene and moved to Europe with FaZe Clan. This move came as a result of a long-continued streak of bad performances with Team Liquid with no noticeable improvement or growth, forcing Twistzz to go ahead with the change.

A thing that Twistzz shined a light upon in a recent interview with Dexerto, was the toxic attitude of Team Liquid’s veteran player, Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski, towards his teammates back in 2017.

Twistzz went on to reveal that the North American organization was actually considering parting ways with EliGE, due to his behavior towards other members, and how the 24-year-old worked hard to turn things around.

Twistzz Gives a Few Pointers on How to Reduce Hate And ToxicityTwistzz explains EliGE’s toxic behavior from 2017 towards his teammates on Team Liquid

Talking about his early days on Team Liquid, Twistzz, revealed that there was a time when the organization was thinking of removing EliGE from the team due to his behaviour towards the other members.

Twistzz explained that back in 2017, EliGE had some “mentality issues”. Instead of being mean to others, EliGE used to shut himself off completely, saying nothing to anyone and not communicating at all.

He further said that EliGE was passive-aggressive at times, but mostly he used to shutdown completely and that was the worst because after their matches he used to take out a lot of his frustration and not in the most friendly manner.

The situation was so bad that it had become like a pattern that EliGE had started following and eventually the other members got tired without any idea of how to fix the situation, “Everyone wanted to help him (EliGE), but they didn’t know how”.

To fix this, the Liquid CS:GO team started working with a sports psychologist, Jared Tendler, and this is what really helped EliGE who took note of a lot of things that were being told to him, turning over a new leaf.

Note: The segment starts at 02:06.

Twistzz said that when discussions were going on to remove EliGE, he was an advocate of keeping him around and instead try helping him get out of his mental rut, so he could be an effective member of the squad.

Though Twistzz is no longer with Team Liquid, EliGE has gone on to become the poster boy of the organization, as he continues to compete alongside them since March 2015.

Twistzz statement before leaving Team Liquid

Twistzz statement before leaving Team Liquid

Twistzz Talks About His Time on Team Liquid and Reveals Why He Joined FaZe Clan

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