Two Point Campus’ Archaeology classes might have mole people


Class is almost in session! Two Point Studio, the wacky minds behind Two Point Hospital are at it again. This time instead of building your own hospital with all the problems it incurs-outbreaks of Cubism, a circus tent in your lobby, Sonic the Hedgehog costumed staff that seems to have their issues, players will get the chance to build a university.

Two Point CampusBuild your dream campus your way. Sky’s the limit! Credit: Two Point Studio/SEGA

As any college student can tell you, we’ve all had that nightmare about classes without clothes, forgetting our homework, or realizing you must give a speech in front of the entire student body. Imagine if instead of being at the mercy of fate, you are the one to shaped impressionable minds! Two Point Campus invites you to create the learning center of your dreams. Every detail is left up to players, from how the buildings look, to where to place the trees.

Digging up the past in Archaeology

Two Point Campus‘ announcements teased a few classes: Knight School (because who doesn’t want to swing a sword around) and Gastronomy, the study of out of this world food. Now, they have given us a bit more to look forward to. A video released this week introduced viewers to Archaeology, the study of mole people, lost marbles and mud. It’s a course that says, “hey people of the past, you won’t be needing these anymore will you?”

In the teaser, we see students digging up ancient pillars, figuring out how to pick up their pickax (or not), and possibly finding themselves along the way.

What will Craig and Steggs, the developers, come up with next? We’ll just wait and see. Two Point Campus is distributed by SEGA and checks in on May 17, 2022. It is available for pre-order on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox X/S

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