Uncharted Director Discusses Jak And Daxter Movie Ideas And Wanting To Come Back For A Sequel


Sony’s new Uncharted movie is in theaters now, and director Ruben Fleischer not only wants to make a sequel but also a Jak and Daxter film. He spoke about both pieces in an interview with GameSpot sister site CNET. Starting with the Jak and Daxter film, which hasn’t been officially announced, Fleischer said it would be a “fun challenge” to make more of a “space opera” kind of film in a fantastical setting.

“I’ve always wanted to do more of a space opera type film. Jak and Daxter takes place in a different world, and it has certainly very different characters than our human form,” he said. “So it would be a fun challenge, but similar to Uncharted what makes that game so special is the tone. And I think the buddy relationship is at the center of the game, so as long as you have the relationship and a great tone. While this incredible landscape isn’t cinematic per se, you can really create a cool visual world with that.”

Before this, Fleischer confirmed he had begun work on a Jak and Daxter film, though little is known in the way of specifics. Uncharted movie star Tom Holland said he would want to star in it.

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