When Is The Who Decides War x Nike Air Force 1 Release Date? Here’s What We Know


Everard Best, also known as Murder Bravado, has revealed two new Nike Air Force 1 colourways in collaboration with his New York-based Who Decides War label, leaving many fans wondering when we might see Nike announce a release date for the sneakers.

It is expected that they will play a part in Nike’s 40th-anniversary celebration of the Air Force 1 model alongside several other upcoming releases like the and the unique colourway.

However, while there is plenty to look forward to elsewhere, we’re focusing solely on the Who Decides War collaboration here. With that being said, here’s what we know so far…

When Is The Who Decides War x Nike Air Force 1 Release Date?

No release date has been announced for the Who Decides War x Nike collaboration, but most reports are predicting their arrival later this year.

In fact, the main rumour circulating right now is that the two colourways will likely debut as part of a larger Who Decides War collection around Autumn/Winter 2022.

With so much speculation, make sure you check back in with us as we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with the latest announcements as and when they arrive.

Who Decides War x Nike Air Force 1 Design

As previously mentioned, Bravado has revealed two new Air Force 1 colourways, with the first being a distressed patchwork denim ensemble (as seen below) which is very much in keeping with Who Decides War’s signature style.

While two blue denim tones dress the uppers, Who Decides War has kept the signature, and subsequently contrasting, white Air Force 1 midsoles, laces, and lining.

You also get several ‘who decides war’ markings across the uppers, again in classic Air Force 1 white.

The second sneakers are almost a complete contrast to the first, with the uppers covered in an off-white, Light Bone colour instead which is more akin to the highly popular all-white Air Force 1‘s.

As you can see from the images above, the same ‘who decides war’ markings appear on the sides, this time in black.

They also appear to feature a similar distressed and used look to the denim colourway which we feel is no doubt intentional from the New York-based brand.

Who Decides War x Nike Air Force 1 Price Prediction

Like the release date, the price tag of the Who Decides War x Nike sneakers remains a mystery at this stage.

Generally speaking, Air Force 1’s cost somewhere in the region of $100 – $120; however, given these are bespoke collaborations, we wouldn’t be surprised if they retailed for slightly more than that.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated with the latest price right here.

Where To Buy Who Decides War x Nike Air Force 1

As previously mentioned, we believe one of the first places these Air Force 1’s will be listed is at Nike, presumably under the new releases or the Air Force 1 subsection.

Alternatively, you could check out the Who Decides War website as another option come release day.

Either way, we’d recommend signing up for the push notifications when the shoes arrive on the SNKRS page or App so you’re completely prepared for the upcoming drop.

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