Where To Find All Cauldrons In Horizon Forbidden West


One of the major features of Horizon Forbidden West is the ability to override machines and mount them. This allows you to travel through the open world much faster as compared to on foot. In order to override different types of machines, you need to get data from Cauldrons. In this Horizon Forbidden West guide, we are going to walk you through where you can find all the Cauldrons.

All Cauldrons In Horizon Forbidden West

The very first cauldron is part of the main story, so you will go through it in any case and you cannot miss it. This provides a good introduction to what cauldrons are and what you can expect from them. The following is where you can find the other cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West:

Cauldron MU

This cauldron can be found pretty early on in the game before Repair Bay TAU and after getting past Barren Light. The entrance is pretty easy to find as it is a giant metal door hidden by the mountainside. You will need to clear some enemies in order to head inside.

Horizon Forbidden West CauldronsImage Credits: The GamerCauldron KAPPA

A major benefit of completing this cauldron is that you will be able to override Tremortusks. You can find it west of Bulwark, where the river opens up into the open waters. This is a challenging cauldron and you will not be able to leave it unless you have completed it. So do keep that in mind and be prepared.

Cauldron KAPPA Image Credits: The Gamer

The entrance is underwater, so you will need to dive into the water in order to get inside. You will also encounter a Snapmaw, which you can sneak past.

Cauldron IOTA

This is a unique one as it is tied to the Tallneck in the area. It is in the north of Scalding Spear and east of the lake close to Salt Bite. Complete the cauldron and the Tallneck in the area will appear allowing you to reveal the area on the map and pinpoint points of interest.

Cauldron IOTA Image Credits: The Gamer

The entrance of the cauldron is in the north within a cave inside a mountain. You can see the exact location marked by Aloy in the image above. This cauldron takes a bit longer than the ones mentioned above and you cannot leave until you have completed it. So be warned and prepare accordingly.

Cauldron CHI

This one can be found southeast of Thornmarsh. There is no clear entrance as there is no large metal door. You will need to climb up the cliff and enter through the opening near the waterfall. You will find Clamberjaws in the area.

Horizon Forbidden West Cauldrons Image Credits: The Gamer Cauldron GEMINI

This is the last cauldron that you might have come across as part of other missions in the game. But you cannot access it until the mission called GEMINI. You can find it southwest of Scalding Spear as shown in the image below:

Cauldron GEMINIImage Credits: The Gamer

This is where you can find all the cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West. Clearing these will allow you to override and mount a wide variety of different machines in the game.

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