Your Halo Infinite Multiplayer Rank Is Going To Be Recalculated, and It Will Probably Be Lower


343 Industries has announced that it will reset player ranks in Halo Infinite as part of a new update to ranked matchmaking. The mid-season rank reset will likely lower most players by one rank in order to counterbalance a system that has so far been “overly generous”.

Explaining the system in a new post on Halo Waypoint, community manager John Junyszek said, “Since we saw that the [Competitive Skill Ranking] system was being overly generous since launch, these changes are being rolled out to help bring things closer in line to where they should be. This period led to a full tier inflation of ranks and, as a result, most players should expect to be placed a full tier lower (Diamond players will find themselves in Platinum, Platinum players will find themselves in Gold, etc.) after this rank reset.”

“Please keep in mind that this is not due to an error in the new system, but an error in the old one,” he added.

The new update is planned to be deployed on February 22, so expect your ranking to change on Tuesday.

“We believe that these targeted changes will help improve the ranked experience for players of all skills by providing more accurate, balanced, and fair matches,” concluded Junyszek. He also noted that this is “only the beginning” and that more updates will be applied in response to player feedback and live game data.

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Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Entertainment Writer.

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