Frost Caves can now be tested in Valheim, bringing new enemies, crafting materials, and an armor set


Valheim Frost Caves FeaturePatch 0.207.15 of Valheim‘s Public test realm has introduced new content. Players can try their luck in the Frost Caves, a new dungeon in Valheim. Its icy depths adds a variety of enemies, crafting materials, an armor set, a weapon, build pieces, and a new event. Frost Caves will only generate in previously unexplored territory. The Frost Caves spawn in the Mountain biome, which requires cold protection to explore without taking damage. You can warm up before heading into its passages by donning the appropriate cold-weather clothing or by drinking Frost Resistance Mead. However, the caves themselves do not require protection, so it may be worth switching to stronger armor once there.   Inside the Frost Caves, players will find three enemies new to Valheim: bats, cultists, and Ulvs. Bats are self-explanatory, but the Cultists are magic-wielding monsters that deal huge damage. As for the Ulvs, they are wolf-like creatures often encountered in large packs. The drops from the…

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