Laminar Research continues to provide an updated look at X-Plane 12


X Plane 12 Pc Airport ShotMicrosoft Flight Simulator has without a doubt captured most of the attention in the world of flight sims. But, there are indeed other products out there. And not to be perturbed by Asobo and Microsoft’s massive advancements, they’re continuing to trudge along with new milestones of their own. Laminar Research has proven to be Microsoft’s most direct competitor for the last several years with the X-Plane series of flight simulators. It has been a dominating force on PC and mobile devices, with a solid fanbase and dynamic community. Several years since the release of the latest edition, X-Plane 11, Laminar Research is currently molding the next step for the series. Recently, the company provided an update on the state of its next sim, X Plane 12. Though the upcoming simulator lacks a definitive release date at this time, its studio has not been shy about showing a growing number of previews. Various trailers have come out over the last few weeks, providing decent lo…

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