PSG.LGD Pulls Off Incredible Comeback Against RNG in Regional Finals


PSG.LGD displayed some of the finest teamfighting skills in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) China 2021-22 Regional Finals to defeat Royal Never Give Up (RNG) with a 2-0 score. The odds looked stacked in RNG’s favor when it came to drafting, especially in the second game. However, PSG.LGD turned the tables when it came to teamfights. In addition to making sure its spells were used correctly, it also forced RNG to make mistakes which it then capitalized on. With this series win, PSG.LGD advances to the grand final of the Regional Finals while RNG falls to the lower bracket final.

PSG.LGD vs RNG: Match Highlights and Recap


In game 1, both teams showed their competitive side. Both of them made some great moves to find important core kills right from the start. PSG.LGD’s cores of a midlane Kunkka and a Battle Fury Phantom Assassin, however, managed to gain some networth advantage by the 25 minute mark as they hewed the jungle and lane creeps rapidly. While PSG.LGD’s cores were gradually gaining an advantage, XinQ also unexpectedly found ways to farm and buy items such as BKB and Eye of Skadi on his Weaver. RNG had superior teamfighting skills, but PSG.LGD executed the crucial teamfights to perfection to win in 47 minutes.

In game 2, RNG put together a really solid draft as it appeared to have a lot of answers to PSG.LGD’s cores. The favorable draft propelled RNG into an early lead as well, and it appeared that the team was already in position for victory. PSG.LGD waited patiently for its item timings and then forced RNG to stumble in the teamfights. Faith_bian was the catalyst of this comeback, as his Brewmaster caused tons of chaos and allowed the team to choose and kill their targets. PSG.LGD showed great understanding of the game’s situation, leading to a win in 40 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

In the DPC 2021-22 so far, PSG.LDG is undefeated with nine consecutive series wins, building on its top performance even months after the International 10. Though teams have won games, it has just been extremely difficult to win a series against them. Having a clear understanding of the game’s situation is among PSG.LGD’s greatest strengths, as from the outside, it may appear that the game is lost, but it appears the team simply waits for the right moment to make a change and turn things around.

Team RNG drafted well, fought hard, but was unable to overcome the formidable wall that PSG.LGD has become in China. The team will now look to make its way through the lower bracket final against Team Aster and then go for revenge in the finals. The winner of the event will take home $50,000 USD in prize money and 250 DPC points.

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