The Anacrusis Early Access impressions — In space, no one is around


The Anacrusis Early Access ImpressionsA few weeks ago, I was able to try The Anacrusis. It’s a co-op shooter from Stray Bombay, a studio helmed by Chet Faliszek (formerly of Valve) and Kimberly Voll (formerly of Riot Games). Think of the experience as akin to Left 4 Dead in space. However, given that The Anacrusis released as part of Steam’s Early Access program, there were a lot of issues to iron out. Additionally, I was mostly playing solo prior to the launch due to timezone differences. Fast forward to the present, and the game’s player population hasn’t quite caught up to its ambitions.   Lost in space The Anacrusis takes place aboard a space station that’s filled with aliens in ’70s-style clothing. There are four playable characters, though you don’t get to choose which one becomes your avatar (don’t worry, since there’s no mechanical difference between them). While you can play solo with bots, it’s still an online experience. That means a player who …

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