When are the Lost Ark daily and weekly reset times?


When are the Lost Ark daily and weekly reset times?

Wondering about the Lost ark reset times? Resets – whether daily or weekly – are a staple of MMO life. Some games reset their whole servers every day, although you’ll find the most common occurrence are things like quests or instances resetting instead. Lost Ark is proving a hit new MMO game with western players, and as its content schedule is relatively new to most people, there’s a lot you may not know about what the reset cadence for the online game is.

Luckily that’s where we come in. There’s more and more information emerging about when things go through a reset cycle, so we’ll be able to tell you what to look out for. This information is especially important once you hit level 50 and are having to grind through the endgame content to get those valuable materials to improve your gear score and Lost Ark engravings.

We’re not specifically talking about Lost Ark server resets here – as the game tries to cope with what’s looking like unprecedented demand in places like Europe, the servers have yet to settle into a truly standardised maintenance pattern yet. But aside from that, here’s everything we know about Lost Ark daily and weekly server reset times.

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