Perfect Dark Could be a Live Service Game

Other than the game’s brief cinematic reveal trailer, we have seen or heard next to nothing about the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot, and while it might be a while longer before that changes, it seems some interesting details are trickling through anyway. Last September, it was announced that in addition to The Iniaitive, Crystal Dynamics would also be joining the project as its co-developer, and now, the LinkedIn page of Cory Butler, of Crystal Dynamics’ senior studio leadership team, suggests that the game will adopt a live-service approach. Butler’s LinkedIn page (spotted by @IdleSloth84 on Twitter) states that he oversees everything from production to games-as-a-service models to monetization in games, having occupied that role for Marvel’s Avengers. Apparently, he’s been filling the same role for Perfect Dark since last month- which, in the absence of any official details regarding the game’s structure, comes as an interesting surprise. For those who don’t remember, back before Perfect Dark was officially unveiled, leaks claimed that the game would adopt a seasonal or episodic release model– many have speculated that it could be along the lines of IO Interactive’s Hitman games. Of course, with Perfect Dark clearly still a ways off from launch yet, it might be a while before we get concrete information on this front. Stay tuned though, and we’ll keep you updated.

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